some of the best of 2013 so far..    












 Some of the best from 2012 so far





















 Cliff Grimwood PB 13lb 12oz Cod


Tim Elliston 9lb 12oz Cod

Cliff 13lb 12oz  Derek 15lb+





































Derek and Graham with part of their catch 








Mitch, Mick and Dave with some of their catch, including Mick's 13lber

The Abbott family withsome of their fish



 Rory, Lee and Gary with a few of their Codling from Sunday  



Simon, Andy, Roger and Vic with some of their fish from Saturday 



Roger Jackson 6.5lb Cod














































































































































































































































































July 2015


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Updated: July 2013


After a terrible Winter where fish were almost non-existent, the water temperatures slowly rose in April and May and the fish started to appear...we had a few nice Cod to mid double figures and the Thornback started to feed too.  Now the water temperatures are considerably up we are catching all sorts..we've had some nice Spurdog and Smoothounds to mid double figures, some small Tope, nice Thornbacks to 13lb, Bass to 7lb and even lost a Stingray estimated 40lb+!  Crazy Winter and Summer really, so fishing has been all over the place!


Pictures show a few of our best fish.








Updated: 1st December 2012


Finally a few Cod have turned up..or so it seems!

Out with Mick and Mitch today, ended up with 20 Cod, biggest 2 went 8lb+, 2 of 6 and the rest 2-3lb,kept 12 put 8 back.  Happy days!



Updated: November 2012


Well its been a busy year so far on Amino, hence not having time to update this site since April!


The fishing has been pretty good throughout to be honest with nice Cod and Thornback in April/May and some good summer sport from Smoothounds and Thornbacks as well as a few nice Bass, the best being a 12lb beauty for regular, Cliff Grimwood and also a new Boat record.


The winter run of Cod have arrived, nice fish from 5-8lb mainly along with plenty of Whiting and the persistent Dogs!


I have plenty of weekday dates available but weekend dates are nearly all gone until mid-December so if you would like a trip, give me a bell asap!



Updated: 16th April 2012

Trips in the past 2 weeks have produced good numbers of Thornbacks to 12lb, plenty of Dogfish and there are still some Cod around with fish to low double figures.  Also a few Whiting and our first small Smoothound of the year! Get in touch to book your summer trip as weekend dates will disappear fast.



Updated: 26th March 2012


Two trips this past week have shown that the Thornbacks have arrived in numbers and some better Cod are starting to show.


Wednesdays trip with Graham and Derek produced 12 Thornback to 15lb+   (a PB for Derek) and some Cod to 6lb along with Whiting and a few Doggies!


Saturdays trip with Cliff and the boys produced 9 skate to 13lb+, 7 Cod to 13lb+ (a PB for Cliff), Whiting and Dogfish.


 Updated: 4th March 2012


February was a quiet month with a combination of a cold snap and arrival of sprats and herrings knocking the fishing on the head somwhat-although we did manage to catch at least half a dozen Codling on most trips.


Trips last week and this weekend have produced more Codling per trip with Jason's crew landing 14 yesterday, 11 keepers upto 4.5lb and Whiting and Pout .


Hopefully this is the start of the spring run so if you are a small group of upto 5 anglers give me a call.  I am happy to take a minimum of 2 anglers for midweek trips.



Updated: 17th January 2012


The windy weather over December prevented some trips from going ahead but over the last week when we have managed to get out, the fishing has continued to be pretty good.  One trip last week saw Derek and Graham land 14 Codling to 4lb+ and a few Whiting to 1.5lb, the 2nd trip produced 24 Codling to 4lb and some Whiting, although these are starting to thin out now.


Updated: 25th November 2011


What a cracking start to the winter fishing season it's been! Since the last update every trip has produced Codling and on most occasions more than a dozen per trip!


Most of the fish are between 2.5 and 4lb although we have had a few fish around the 6lb mark, with the best being Mick's 13lber as part of a 22 Cod catch for Mick, Mitch and Dave.



Updated: 30th October 2011  

The Cod have arrived. This weeks big tides seem to have pushed the fish in and the trips this weekend have produced over 30 Codling, biggest of 6.5lb to Roger Jackson.